Run for Public Office

Who can run for public office?

Any person who is over 18 and a registered voter in the Town of West Boylston is eligible to run for elected town office.  Town Elections are held in June of each year. In order to appear on the ballot, candidates must collect signatures on nomination papers. Nomination papers and election calendars are available at the Town Clerk’s office. Please call for availability and deadlines.

Available Positions

Positions within the Town of West Boylston that are elected are: Town Moderator, the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, Cemetery Trustees, Library Trustees, the Planning Board, Municipal Light Board, Housing Authority and the Board of Water Commissioners.  The length of terms varies by position, but most board and committees have at least one position up for election each year. Please contact the Town Clerk's office for the list each year.

Nomination Papers

To have your name placed on the June Annual Town Election Ballot, you must obtain signatures of registered voters in the Town of West Boylston on nomination papers.  Nomination papers are available from the Town Clerk’s office. The required number of signatures for candidates for town wide office is set at 1% of the total number of voters in the last race for governor in West Boylston.  Please contact the Town Clerk for the current number of required signatures. Nomination papers must be returned to the Board of Registrars in the Town Clerk’s office for the signatures to be certified.

Campaign Finance Forms

All candidates for elected office must file Campaign Finance Forms.  These forms are due 8 days prior to the election, 30 days after, as well as a year end filing which will be mailed in January of the following year.  Even if you do not spend any money on your campaign, you must file these forms on time.

Oath of Office

Before you can attend any board or committee meeting in an official capacity, you must be sworn in by the Town Clerk.

Write-in Candidate

If you missed the opportunity to pick up nomination papers before the deadline, you may run on a sticker or write-in campaign.  Notify the Town Clerk's Office of your intention to run with the following information:  Name, Address, Position you intend to run for. Please note that you will be required to file your campaign finance forms as mentioned above.

In order to be considered a viable candidate on election day, you must receive at least the number of votes that was required to have your name placed on the ballot.  If you win the seat, you may either accept or decline the nomination.  If you accept, you must submit a letter to the Town Clerk of your acceptance.  Before you can attend any board or committee meeting in an official capacity, you must be sworn in by the Town Clerk.