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    (L-R) Barur Rajeshkumar, Michael Kittredge III, Patrick Crowley, Christopher Rucho, John Hadley

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Select Board
The West Boylston Select Board has 5 members who are elected to serve three-year overlapping terms.  As specified in Chapter 23 of the Acts of 1995 and the Massachusetts General Laws, the Select Board are the chief elected officers of the Town.  The Board may enact rules and regulations in a variety of areas, including the Sewer Department for which they serve as Sewer Commissioners.  The Board also establishes town policies and procedures on many issues, unless such issues are delegated by law or vote of the Town Meeting to another officer or board.  The Select Board appoints a Town Administrator who supervises and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Town government departments.

Other areas of authority granted to the Select Board are:

  • Calling town elections and preparing the town meeting warrant.
  • Review the municipal annual budget.
  • Making appointments to a number of municipal boards and committees.
  • Licensing of alcohol establishments, restaurants, car dealers, transient vendors and entertainment and amusement devices.
  • Sale of town owned land and acceptance of gifts of lands.
  • Review and approve all payables of the Town of West Boylston.

Questions regarding activities of the Select Board may be directed to the Office of the Town Administrator at 774-261-4012 or by using the Contact the Select Board page.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Nancy Lucier Town Administrator (774)-261-4088
Faye Zukowski Municipal Assistant (774)-261-4012


Michael J. Kittredge, III



Patrick Crowley



John Hadley



Barur R. Rajeshkumar



Christopher Rucho


Vice Chair