Town Meetings

A key feature of town government in Massachusetts is the Town Meeting, which is the Town's legislative body. This New England tradition has been praised in almost every book written on government in America. The Town Meeting is at the very foundation of the democratic tradition, providing an equal opportunity for all citizens to participate in the decision-making process. This is self-government in action. Decisions made at these meetings are not imposed upon us by others, but agreed upon by those who are to be affected. Our actions at these meetings shape our town by allocating how our tax dollars are spent, adopt Zoning and General By-laws, organize our government agencies, and establish town policies. Direct control over the budget allows the Town Meeting to influence actions by town officials and departments. The Glossary contains a list of terminology that will be helpful in understanding the town meeting warrants.

As defined in the General Bylaws Article 1 Section 1, West Boylston conducts their Semi-annual Town Meetings twice a year in May and October. Town Meetings are typically held on Mondays and start at 7 p.m., but will be decided and set by the Selectboard. It will be held in the West Boylston Middle/High School Auditorium. A Special Town Meeting may be called at other times of year, when items requiring Town Meeting action arise. You must be a registered voter to vote on any articles presented at Town Meeting. The last day to register to vote for any Town Meeting is 10 days prior to said meeting.

All Town Meeting warrants, which contain all of the articles to be acted on at the meeting, are posted 7 days prior to a Semi-annual Town Meeting and 14 days prior to a Special Town Meeting.

We urge all residents to attend Town Meeting and participate in governing of the Town.