Abatements for Excise & Property Tax

An abatement is a reduction in the tax assessed on your property for the fiscal year. To dispute your valuation or assessment or to correct any other billing problem or error that caused your tax bill to be higher than it should be, you must apply for an abatement.

Filing for an abatement does not stay the collection of your taxes.  To avoid any loss of rights or additional charges, pay the tax as assessed.  If an abatement is granted, we will refund any overpayment.

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax

You may apply for an abatement if your property is: overvalued (assessed value is more than fair cash value on January 1), disproportionately assessed in comparison with other properties, classified incorrectly as residential, open space, commercial or industrial real property, or partially or fully exempt. You must file your application for an abatement with the Board of Assessor on or before the due date of the first Actual (not Preliminary) tax bill. We will post the abatement application due dates each year. This deadline cannot be extended or waived by the Assessors by law! 

Real Estate or Personal Property Tax Abatement Form

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

If you have sold a vehicle, transferred plates, are handicapped, move out of state, or question a valuation, you may be entitled to an abatement to your bill.  You must file your abatement application on or before December 31 of the calendar year following the excise year (or 30 days after the bill is issued if that date is later.)  By law, we cannot act on late applications.

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement Form