Rules and Regulations

The Planning Board operates under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A and Chapter 41 Section 81A - 81GG.  Chapter 40A deals with Zoning and Chapter 41, Section 81 provides for Community Planning and Subdivision Control.

Building that occurs within the Town of West Boylston shall comply with the West Boylston Zoning Bylaws and the West Boylston General Bylaws, which are available for purchase at the Town Clerk’s office.  The subdivision of land is done under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41 Sections 81K - 81GG and Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land in the Town of West Boylston, MA, which is also available through the Town Clerk.

To ensure that the public is aware of building in town and comment on all proposals that may affect them, Public Hearings are required for all Site Plan Review Applications, Special Permit Applications and Subdivision Plans.  Public Hearing notices are printed in the Worcester Telegram and announced on this web site.