Site Plan Reviews

The Planning Board conducts Site Plan Reviews for construction projects that meet the requirements of Section 3.6 of the Zoning Bylaws and, in conjunction with Special Permit Applications, for those uses requiring a Special Permit under Section 3.2, Schedule of Use Regulations.

During a site plan review, the Planning Board works with the developer to ensure that the design and layout of a project constitutes a suitable development for the town, the neighborhood and the environment. The focus of a site plan review is to identify reasonable conditions that satisfy established criteria for the layout, scale, appearance, safety and environmental impacts of development. The process will usually examine parking, traffic, drainage, roadway construction, signage, utilities, screening, lighting and safe circulation on a site.

Projects that require a Site Plan Review are:

  • New construction or exterior expansion of any non-residential building or multi-family dwelling containing more than four (4) units. "Expansion" shall include a floor space increase of 5,000 square feet or a floor space increase of 25% or more within any ten (10) year period.
  • The construction or enlargement of any multi-family dwelling units containing more than four (4) units, or building accessory to such dwellings, including such dwellings on contiguous lots under the same ownership.
  • The construction, rehabilitation, or change of use of a building involving fifteen (15) or more parking spaces.
  • The construction or renovation of parking facilities involving more than fifteen (15) or more spaces, with the exception of normal maintenance.
  • Any use designated "SPR" in Section 3.2, "Schedule of Use Regulations."

Please refer to Section 3.6 of the Zoning Bylaws for the Procedures and Design Standards.

Public Hearings are required for all Site Plan Review Applications.