Hydrant Flushing To Begin October 10, 2017

image of hydrant flushing

The West Boylston Water District will start it's water main flushing program on Tuesday October 10th from 8am to 4pm. As part of the water system maintenance, flushing is done in the spring and fall by using high velocity water to scour the interior surface of the water mains. Residents in the flushing area may experience discolored water during the flushing and for several hours after. We recommend that you avoid washing laundry during those hours if you are in the service area. If you continue to experience discolored water or a change in pressure or volume after the flushing, please contact the Water District at 508-835-3025.

Scheduled locations

October 10: Temple Street, Worcester Street (#95-#302), Maple Street (#10-#59), Lower Franklin Street, Church Street, Pinewood Drive, West Boylston Street (#1-#137), and Wachusett Estates Condos.

October 11: Upper Franklin Street, Prospect Street (#71-#107),Scarlett Street, Newton Street (#7-#32) and Central Street (#260#76)

October 12: Crescent, Lynwood, Pine Arden, Thomas Streets and Townsend Drive/Circle

If you live in these areas, you should receive notification through our reverse 911 System. Please call the West Boylston Water District at 508-835-3025 if you are not notified!