Sewer Betterment/Privilege Fee

The cost of construction of sewer facilities in the Town of West Boylston was $10,075,181.70. The project benefits only those properties in the project area and project costs will be recovered through betterment assessments to those property owners.  Betterment assessments are based upon the Uniform Unit Method whereby a single-family residence is equal to a sewer unit.

Residential properties are assessed units based upon the number of dwelling units on the property.  Accordingly, a single-family dwelling is assessed one sewer unit; a two family dwelling is assessed two sewer units, etc.  An apartment complex is assessed a number of sewer units equal to the number of apartments.

Non-residential properties are assessed one unit for each 220 gallons per day, or portion thereof, of water use over the period analyzed in the betterment assessment report.  Therefore, a business using 180 gallons per day is assessed one unit; a business using 230 gallons per day assessed two units and a business using 1,000 gallons per day will be assessed five units. Mixed-use properties are assessed a minimum of two units.

The Final Sewer Betterment Assessment has been calculated to $3,825.05 per residential unit.  Final Sewer Betterment bills were mailed on February 11, 2011. Owners could choose to pay the betterment in full or pay the amount on the property tax bill over a twenty-five year period, interest free.  Remaining assessed sewer betterments appear on the third and fourth quarter property tax bills.

The Sewer Privilege Fee is based on the final sewer betterment assessment calculated to $3,825.05 per residential unit on February 11, 2011.  The original sewer privilege fee of $3,825.05 will be increased by 2.5% annually per Town Meeting vote on October 15, 2012.  The sewer privilege fee for the calendar year 2022 is $5,018.73 and is due on any property in the sewer area that was not assessed a betterment fee.  The sewer privilege fee is due to the DPW Sewer Division for new construction at the time a Building Permit is requested at the Building Department.