Winter Parking Ban in effect

Winter Parking Ban

Reminder -  Winter Parking Ban is in effect November 15, 2021 - April 30, 2022 or Whenever Inclement Weather is Forecast

There is no parking on either side of the streets from November 15th through April 30th from midnight to 5:00 a.m. or whenever inclement weather is forecast.  The ban is designed to keep the streets open and safe and allows traffic to move during snow storms.  Vehicle operators who fail to follow the ban risk a ticket and the towing of their vehicle at the owner's expense.

To assist with keeping our roads clear the DPW also asks:

  • Please avoid unnecessary travel during snow events.
  • Don't Crowd the Plow!  Please leave plenty of room between your vehicle and our plow trucks.  We frequently stop, go in reverse, clear out corners, and we need space to work.
  • Please remove obstructions, such as basketball hoops, from the edge of the roadway.  Plowing operations could damage your personal property, damage DPW equipment and become a safety hazard.
  • Remember that snow blowing or shoveling from driveways should not land in the street or sidewalks, but rather into your front yard.
  • Any installation within the right-of-way, including a mailbox, is placed there at the owner's risk.  Therefore, owners are encouraged to install mailboxes at the maximum usable distance from the edge of the roadway.  Posts should be checked for deterioration by the property owners on a regular basis to reduce the possibility that the weight of the plowed snow may break the post.  Please repair any weak or leaning mail boxes that could become damaged during plowing operations.
  • On trash collection days, place PAYT trash bags, barrels and recyclable containers out by 7:00 a.m. near the end of your driveway and not on sidewalks during snow plowing operations.  
  • Stay informed!  Sign up for "Public Works News" on the Town's website.

Your cooperation in keeping the roadways clear of parked vehicles will allow for safer driving conditions and at the same time, allow the opportunity for the Public Works Department to perform necessary street cleaning and maintenance.

Please stay safe this winter.