Senior Center Building Project

  • Proposed Floor Plan
  • Senior Center Elevations

Authorized Construction Personnel on the Job Site, Please!

Watching the construction of a new building is interesting! But safety concerns require that curious spectators stay off the the construction site. Please heed the warning signs and avoid harm to persons and property. Thanks!

Senior Center Site

Construction of the new senior center is about to begin at the Old Mixter School/Town Hall site at 120 Prescott Street!

Here's the monthly update for taxpayers and residents:

Total Project Cost:  $5,700,000

Construction Begins:  April 2018 – The contractor, RAC Builders, is ready to place the construction fencing around the Mixter site and will begin setting up their trailer and equipment over the next week. 

Estimated Date of Substantial Completion:    January 2019

View the Senior Center Building Project Progress page for historical information and updates on this project.