A. Selectmens' Meetings
A1. Role of the Board of Selectmen
A2. Role of The Town Administrator
A3. Establishment & Adoption of Policies
A4. Meeting Agenda Procedures
A5. Relations with Citizens
A6. Selectmen's (Sub)committee Procedures
A7. Incoming Selectmen Orientation Process
A8. Outgoing Selectmen Process
A9. Board Standards of Conduct
Selectmen's Signature Page

B. Appointment and Removal
B1. Policy on Appointment Procedures for the Board of Selectmen and the Town Administrator
B2. Policy on Non-Reappointment and/or removal of Appointed Officials for the Board of Selectmen and the Town Administrator

C. Citizen Complaints and Requests
C1. Policy on Complaint Management and Response for the Board of Selectmen and the Town Administrator
C2. Policy on Citizen Requests for the Board of Selectmen and the Town Administrator
Comment/Complaint Form

D. Licensing & Public Hearing Procedures
D1. Policy on Business License Applications
D2. Taxi Regulations
D3. Policy on BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) at West Boylston Victualers
D4. Policy & Regulations on Motel Operation Permits
D5. Public Hearing Process for Business License Violations

E. Budget Process
E1. Roles and Process
E2. Budget Process Timeline
E3. Public Participation
E4. Town Meeting and Budget Publication

F. Financial Management Policies
F1. Finance Committee Reserve Fund Transfers
F2. Intra-departmental Transfers
F3. Spending in Excess of Appropriation
F4. Investment Policy
F5. New Growth Taxation Revenue Policy
F6. Policy on Fraud Prevention & Detection
F7. Fund Balance Policy
F8. Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements, Petty Cash, Tailings and Reconciliation of Cash Policies and Procedures
F9. Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Procedures for Tax-Exempt Obligations and Other Tax-Benefited Obligations Policy

G. Public Works
G1. Use of Town Common and Bandstand
G2. Driveway and Curb Cuts
G3. Emergency Plan for Ice Control and Snow Removal
G4. Drug-Free Workplace Policy

H. Public Safety & Security
H1. False Burglar Alarms
H2. False Fire Alarm Policy

I. Sewers
I1. Policy on Reservation and Allocation of Sewer Capacity for the Town of West Boylston
I2. Policy on Sewer Use Bill Abatement Policy
I3. Policy on Sewer Use Charge Policy for Properties with a Second Water Meter
I4. Short-term Policy for Adding Properties to the Sewer Service Area During Sewer Construction Project
I5. Policy on Extensions of Public Sewers
I6. Sewer Identity Theft Prevention Program
I7. Wastewater Enterprise Commitments and Accounts Receivable Policies and Procedures
I8. Swimming Pool Filling Policy

J. Data Processing
J1. Computer and Software Use
J2. Social Media Policy

K. Personnel Issues
K1. Sexual Harassment Policy
K2. Employee Education & Training
K3. Violence in the Workplace Policy
K4. Non-Discrimination Policy
K5. Workers' Compensation Policy
K6. Health Insurance Portabiliy & Accountability Act (HIPAA) Policy
HIPAA Manual
K7. ADA Policy and Grievance Procedure
K8. Criminal Offender Records Information Policy
K9. Policy on Notice of Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act

L. Miscellaneous
L1. Abulance Fees Billing & Collection
L2. Lowering US Flag to Half Staff
L3. Public Noices within Town Hall
L4. Closing Municipal Buildings in Hazardous Weather
L5. Town Vendors
L6. Request for Legal Services
L7. Evaluation of Town Administrator by Select Board
L8. Designer Selection Policy
L9. Surplus Equipment Bidding & Acceptance
L10. Requesting Comments from Boards for 40B Affordable Housing or Local Initiative Project
L11. Recognizing Elected & Appointed Officials
L12. Holiday Decorations
L13.Naming Town Owned Property
L14. Reporting Requirements for Accidents Involving Town-owned Vehicles
L15. Gateway Sign Policy 
L16. Right of First Refusal Option on Chapter Land
L17. Recycle Product Procurement
L18. Beautification of Town Squares & Islands
L19. Use of Electronic Signboard
L20. Mailbox Replacement Policy
L21. Use of the Town Common Signboard
L22. Complete Streets Policy