Adopt-A-Square/Island Program

Adopt-a-Square/Island Policy & Application

The Select Board and the Town Administrator have established an Adopt-a-Square/Island Program.  This program will give families, groups and local businesses the opportunity to help in the beautification of our community.  

There are currently 4 locations in town that are available for adoption: Crescent Street at Thomas Street, Woodland Street at Route 12, Church Street at Route 12 and Maple Street at Shrewsbury Street - cement island.   The Selectboard will hold a drawing at teh October 3, 2018 Selectmen's Meeting.  If interested, please call the Board of Selectmen's Office at 774.261.4012 for additional information.  

Participants in the program agree to plant and maintains their island/square and comply with these conditions:

  • Island/square plantings must be maintained by the sponsor through the first frost. Maintenance includes trash removal, weeding, planting of flowers, plants and shrubs, spreading of mulch, watering and the revitalizing / replenishing of all aforementioned materials throughout the season.
  • Ensure that any planting on the islands will be limited to natural materials such as plants, shrubs and flowers all planted in the ground, and mulch. No pots or barrels shall be allowed in any plantings.
  • Replace, as needed any plant items that perish during the course of the season.
  • The height of the plants and shrubs should not exceed 24 inches, and any signage and plantings may not impede visibility for vehicles.
  • The signage on the island shall be limited to one sign paid for by the sponsor. The sign shall read "Sponsored by" and the name of the sponsor along with the company's logo if sponsored by a business.
  • All signage and plantings shall be reviewed by the public safety department and the Department of Public Works to ensure they do not present a visual hazard and for appropriateness.

Please review the Board of Selectmen Policy No. L-18: Beautification of Town Squares and Islands Policy for all of the requirements.  You can apply to adopt-a-square or island by completing the application attached to the policy.  During the first Board of Selectmen meeting in March, a lottery will be held to award sponsorship.