West Boylston Trash Bags - Info & Where to Buy

West Boylston has adopted a Pay-As-You-Throw trash model.  Only trash contained in an official West Boylston Green Bag will be collected at curb-side. The monies collected from the sale of West Boylston Green Bags is used to defray trash disposal costs. We encourage you to participate in curb-side recycling, which will reduce the number of West Boylston Green Bags that your family will need. 

West Boylston Green Bags are available in two sizes (15-gallon and 33-gallon), and are sold in packages of 10 at local grocery and convenience stores as well as the West Boylston Municipal Light Plant. 

  • To be collected, West Boylston Green Bags must close and weigh less than 40 pounds.
  • Any trash not in a West Boylston Green Bag will not be collected.
  • You may place your West Boylston Green Bag directly at the curb or inside a trash barrel.

Where to Buy?

Click here to find locations that sell West Boylston Green Trash Bags.

Trouble with your Green Bags?

West Boylston Green Bags are supplied by Waste Zero.  Residents who have a complaint regarding a defective/faulty trash bag should call the phone number (800-866-3954) printed on the bag to reach Waste Zero's plant in Hemmingway, South Carolina. They will mail a replacement for the defective trash bag (s) directly to you by US  Postal ground mail

You will be asked a couple of questions regarding the nature of the defect and will be asked for the 4-digit date code printed on each bag.  Waste Zero will research their quality records for that date code to determine if there is a trend.