Town of West Boylston
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Asian Longhorned Beetle
Town of West Boylston

All of West Boylston is in the Beetle Zone
As of September 23, 2009, the entire Town of West Boylston has been included in the Regulated Area to Suppress and Control the Asian Longhorned Beetle.  Help to protect our trees for future generations by looking for the signs of infestation on your property and reporting any suspected sightings.  The Regulated Area Map was updated on 9/20/2010 to 94 square miles, as all of Boylston was added to the Regulated Area.

Infested tree with exit holes
Egg sites: the female chews depressions in trees and lay her eggs
For more photos, go to What to Look For!

beetle2.jpgThe Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) is not a threat to humans or their pets, but it is a serious threat to our hardwood forests and trees.  The ALB is a foreign insect that bores into and kills a variety of hardwood tree species, including maple, elm, birch, willow, horsechestnut, sycamore, poplar, mimosa, katsura (added August 24, 2009 as a host species), ash and mountain ash.  Federal, State and Town officials are working together to control the beetle infestation and limit the damage in Central Massachusetts.  An infestation of Asian Longhorned Beetle has been identified in areas of Worcester, West Boylston, Holden, Boylston and Shrewsbury.  The infested areas are included in the Regulated Area to Suppress and Control the Asian Longhorned Beetle.  This area is where officials will focus their efforts to contain the threat.  All of West Boylston is in the Regulated Area.

Notice:  Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, residents are prohibited from removing natural wood materials (e.g., twigs, branches, trunks, logs and stumps) from the ALB regulated area regardless of whether or not the materials are infested.  Please dispose of your materials in town.  The Laurel Street Brush Dump has been re-opened.  Please see the DPW page for information.
Survey Teams from the United  States Department of Agriculture will be working their way through the Regulated Area to identify infested trees.  Please be aware that they may be on your property and may even be climbing trees.  Team members will be identifiable by their clothing and will have identification badges.  No Survey Team member will ask to enter your home.

Federal Officials have opened an ALB office locally which can be reached at 508-852-8090.   Residents may also call the Massachusetts Pest Alert Hotline at 617-626-1779 if their question can’t be addressed by reviewing the information on this website.   Residents may also contact the City of Worcester Customer Service Center at 508-929-1300.

Be a Beetle Buster!

Visit the USDA site for photos, info and more information on how to control the Asian Longhorned Beetle
What you can do

You are the first line of defense against this invasive insect.  Report any signs of infestation immediately to authorities by completing this Asian Longhorned Beetle Report or calling 508-852-8090.  Please review the fact sheets and links below to identify host trees and ALB damage.

Never move firewood! Cutting a tree into firewood may not kill all of the ALB inside it.  Beetles can still emerge.  Burn firewood where you find or buy it.